Vietnam: street food tour in Hanoi

Food was the thing we for in Vietnam.Hanoi was our first treat: street food everywhere, too much to taste it all.


We got a pho for breakfast at the Pho Bo Hang Dong place. Hanoi pho has only a few ingredients: basil, spring onion, koriander. No vegetables or bean sprouts are added to the soup.


Those Vietnamese can eat quite a lot. I was struggling and our guide laughed that I only got a tourist portion of noodles. But the broth, the meat and the ‘cake’ were excellent. There’s not that much space, but apparantly this place is very popular with the locals

The family has run this business for more than 20 years, from early morning. They never extended their little restaurant or opened any other branches.

Bun cha


At noon we tried bun cha, at the very same Obama ate it during his visit to Vietnam, Bun Cha Dac Kim at 67 Duong Thanh. I loved it: the fresh herbs, the meat …

I got interviewed by some students in journalism who asked me how I liked it. They were so cute and professional. We rehearsed the interview, did some retakes …

Wedding cake

18a-weddingWhen taking the cyclo tour, we passed a street which left me wondering: colourful piles. Later we learned these are called Bahn Com. They serve as presents when you visit friends outside of Hanoi or as a wedding gift.

Afterwards we had some mixed fruit with some kind yoghurt for dessert.



Do you want to discover more about Vietnam? Read what we did.

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