Berlin: cocktailbars

Photo by The Bar Marqués

Berlin, city of cocktails. Cheap cocktails, more expensive cocktails. Compared to Belgium an expensive cocktail in Berlin cost as much as an ordinary one here. But: they taste amazing. Berlin has a few cocktailbars that made me dazzle without being drunk. These are my favourites.


I have a soft spot for everything retro. So descend into the thirties when entering Marqués (you’ll find this basement bar under the Spanish tapas restaurant). The classy yet cosy interior of the bar just wanted to make me stay. They don’t have a menu, the bartender (in stylish thirties apparel) shows up at your table and aks what kind of drinks you like. My husband had an Old-fashioned, I got a Cosmopolitan with raspberries and gin. Sheer heaven!


Berlin and Gainsbourg inspired cocktailbars is a match made in heaven. Melody Nelson, named after an album, is a dark and cozy place which is ideal place to spend the night. Jane Birkin is keeping an eye on you while you enjoy a gin-basil cocktail, a cosmopolitan, a pisco sour, the derby (one of their own cocktails) … Just as we did.

This lovely bar in Charlottenburg near the Savignyplatz is totally dedicated to the French singer Gainsbourg as well. It’s the perfect summer bar with great music (though I assume it must be pretty nice in winter too). They have a lot of award winning cocktails. I just loved their sophisticated Madame Pomme Padour.

Another great atmospheric place, in Prenzlauerberg. The menu is hidden in copies of books by Samuel Beckett. The interior is warm and cosy and it’s a good place to have a conversation. My husband had a White Russian, but the staff is known for its off-menu creativity.

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