Berlin: the burger episode

Berlin is quite an exquisite place to have burgers. We still didn’t get to try all the place we want to try, but these ones are definitely worth cheking out.


The burgers here are famous. We tried both the Meisterburger and the Hausmeister. The first one won: meat, cheese, perfectly fried bacon, lettuce and tomato. And lord, the BBQ-sauce is to die for.

Room 77 (Berlin)
My husband claims to have been served the best burger in his entire life here. Room 77 looks a bit like a cosy pub with second-hand furniture, couches and lovely old-fashioned wallpaper, but they serve great inexpensive delicious food. We would never have ended up there if the blog Berlin Food Stories wasn’t so enthusiastic about the place (check it out, it almost never disappoints). Room 77 does not only serve burgers, but great fajitas too. And the staff was great, relax … everything we look for.

Shiso (Berlin)
The Korean fusion style burgers at Shiso Burger in Berlin are great! Burgers with an Asian twist cannot but appeal to me, I admit, but these were great (I took the cheese burger and the salmon burger)! The good news is: they are rather small, so you can try at least two different kind of burgers. We had dinner here in the evening, but I’d rather visit this place at lunch again.

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