Berlin: Street art tour + workshop

What’s the difference between streetart and graffiti? Why is there so much of it in Berlin? We took a street art tour with Alternative Berlin. Afterwards our guide took us to their studio in Lichtenberg, where we could try it ourselves.

First of all, this tour is value for money: 5 hours of exquisite entertainment for just 20 euro. It’s ideal if you have kids or teenagers, who don’t want to go to just another museum.

Berlin is chock full of graffiti. Apparently there are no laws that forbid tagging people’s walls. There are several kinds of wall art.

Tagging and throw-ups


Tagging is writing on the wall with spraypaint. I don’t think it’s that special, bit within the scene it’s very important, our guide told us.


A throw-up is a tag that consists of at least two colours. It takes a little more time than a tag.

Heaven spot

‘If you fall when doing this graffiti, you die and go to heaven’, is the best explanation I heard. This dare devil form of street art isn’t for the faint-hearted or people who suffer from vertigo like me.

It involves roofs, overpasses and other places that are difficult to reach, as shown in this picture. The blue/red one has been made by Berlin Kidz. They never use the same letter twice.


Stencil art


Paste up

I loved this form of street art. Witty, funny … Couldn’t stop staring at these ones. My favourite is in Köpenickerstrasse and is called Time to dance: pictures of dancing people throughout the street.



I love murals. I was particularly proud because we went to this ROA. ROA is a Belgian street artist whose main topic concerns animals. He has this piece in Berlin which I have loved for years.



In the studio of alternative Berlin in Lichtenberg, we could try some stencilart ourselves. First we had to cut out the pattern. I chose David Bowie, stucking with my trip’s theme, Kristof chose Ozzy Osbourne, and Stefan Erich Honecker.

Cutting out the pattern required some focus, but it was really relaxing. Then we started spraying, layer by layer. This was our result.


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